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EE Website Design has created thousands of websites for clients worldwide.  Our designers are constantly creating new designs for clients each and every day.  The more sites we design, the more exposure we receive for our clients.

We offer several different web design packages, from one page to multiple pages.  We will do what it takes to gain as many clients as possible and by doing this, we offer packages from absolutely free and up.  Not everyone can afford web design today, but EE gives everyone the opportunity to have a website.  The internet is the gateway for all businesses to create more leads and gain more exposure.  Let EE lead you to a more successful business!
Banners and Ads
By using rotating banners as well as Google(adsense) throughout pages on any site, money will be made.  My job is to design and maintain the website.  Your job is to push visitors to the site from your end.  It's a win win situation.  Not only will I design the site, but I will focus on keywords, getting even more visitors to the site from the Search Engines.
The majority of the websites out there make their money from advertisements as well as google ads posted throughout their site.  Any type of website can become a million dollar website.  It's all depends on how much traffic is generated as well as the title, metatags, and keywords used.
Website Partners and Experience
I have several partners in cities Nationwide. We're making money every single month with the site being on auto pilot. Doesn't matter what type of business you're in, the site will make money just by visitors clicking on the ads. Of course, your site will be first priority for your business, but why not make money at the same time! As partners, you handle your hosting and domain, I will handle the maintaining and designing.  We will both have access to the Google and Affiliate Networks, showing our traffic as well as earnings.  Checks are mailed out on a monthly basis, so this will be a steady income.  It's important that both of us push as much traffic to the site as possible.  The more traffic the site receives, the more money we will make!

Website Shopping Cart Business vs Regular Business Websites
When there's a shopping cart involved, of course, there's more money that could be made.  Besides visitors clicking on the Google ads as well as the rotating banners, we will make even more money from selling items.  With every item available, a page will be created specifically for each item, giving us the advantage of the Search Engine traffic as well as the traffic pushed from your end.  Once again, a win win situation.

Here's a project that I'm working on right now with a partner from the Houston area.
Do you have an established business and need a website?
                                   Let's become partners!

          Do you have a business idea and need a website?
                                    Let's become partners!

                       I will design and maintain your website for free.

                                     WEBSITE PARTNERSHIP