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The Optimization process is critical and should be done before submitting your web site to search engines.

Quality optimization is critical if you plan on submitting your web site to search engines and want your site to get a high ranking.  You are wasting your valuable time and money submitting to engines if you do not optimize your website files and website pages.

Many factors need to be addressed when optimizing your web pages.  Meta tags are added to your web pages that consist of descriptions, key phrases, titles, matching text phrases, robots, text content, etc. for your particular business and web pages. These necessary steps work together to optimize your web site before search engine submission.

Text content is the best way to boost your traffic. Quality text content is the backbone to successful optimization for your web pages. All businesses are different and we will find the right keywords to use to get your site to the top of the engines.  High quality content improves your visibility in search engines and allows potential buyers to find you. While graphics, brochures, and Flash layouts may improve the look of your site, content can deliver more traffic and improved rankings.

Text content is the best way your business connects with customers and an informative website is a great first impression. As your content pages become more popular over time, youíll get more repeat visitors and more links, all of which help your ranking become higher and bring in more new visitors. Itís a positive cycle that will continually bring more traffic to your site. Informative text content is an investment that gets better with time.

If we design your website, we will optimize your site for free when you select to have us submit it to search engines.

Now you are ready for Search Engine Submission and Marketing!