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EE Website Design has been in business since 2001. Our first office was located in New Orleans with just one computer.  Now, we've managed to expand to Houston with a team of five web experts available to promote businesses in Houston as well as across the Country.  That's the beauty of web design.  No matter where a business is located, our team will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for upgrades, changes, or just to chat!

Even though certain websites look the same, they'll always be different as well as unique in their own way and EE will make sure of that.   Our goal is to obtain as much web traffic as possible, giving each and every client the opportunity to profit from the internet and at the same time, not having to do anything from their end.  It will be our job to make sure that traffic continues to flow on a day to day basis.

The first step is to gather as much information as well as any pictures, videos, or clips for that certain business.  Remember, not only will each website be different, but every business is different in its own way.  After gathering the information, we will have our team start doing samples for the client to preview and approve.  It's important to get the right color scheme before getting into any project.  Once the color scheme, backdrop, and samples are approved, within days, the website will be complete.  Now it's time for the keywords and metatags to do their job by getting picked up by the Search Engines. EE will submit every clients site to the Engines on a regular basis as well as generate links to help gain even more exposure to every client of EE.  If traffic starts to slow down, EE will simply add more pages to every site to start generating more traffic.  It's a win win situation with EE, so let's start today!